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Automatica is a service that creates and aggregates multimedia RSS feeds (Podcasts) from different sources and delivers them as single RSS channel, that you can insert and play on your favorite device.

Automatica links to:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Podcast channels, a choice of tens of thousands of them. Everything from NPR and BBC to everything in between
  • SoundCloud

Manage Your Audio Content Easily

Login to automaticaweb.com with your computer, tablet or smartphone to choose the Internet content you want to have with you always updated.

This free, web-based service enables you to create an user profile, so that you can easily manage your content from any web browser.

Based on your profile, Automatica creates a Podcast channel that you can insert on the Podcast player of the devices you use everyday.

Companion Device

Companion Device

Automatica also has a WiFi Companion Device, a little connected computer that plugs to your car stereo as a normal USB memory stick, so that you can play the audio files using the car music controls.

Whenever the Companion Device is able to connect to the Internet, your content is updated and stored on the internal cache. A cache is a data stored by the Internet browsers like Chrome to reduce the loading time of ceratin websites by storing redundant information. 

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