Buy here your Automatica Mk2 at $159 and get free shipping with the Car Power Kit

Automatica comes with "", the service that enables you to manage your Automatica USB device from everywhere. Sign Up to the service to buy your Automatica.

We'll guide you through a few steps to create a unique user profile, check out, and configure your device. By personalizing your Automatica now, you'll receive your device with all your settings and with some audio content already preloaded. Just plug in and go!

A 2 year warranty is included with the purchase of the Automatica USB device. Over the 2 year period, the customer is entitled to the replacement of any defective or broken devices (no question asked). Return and replacement shipping charges are responsibility of the customer.

Old DriveCast users can buy Automatica, using their DriveCast user and password, by following this link

Purchase step one: Sign Up

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