Automatica is a smart USB device and online service that automatically brings your audio content to your vehicle. It keeps you car synced with the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection or smartphone tethering.

To make your favorite podcasts, music albums, MP3’s or audiobooks always available in your car, Automatica links to:

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How It Works

Automatica connects to your car stereo as a normal USB memory stick, so that you can play the audio files using the car music controls.

Whenever Automatica is able to connect to the Internet, your content is updated and kept on the internal cache. You can always play your content, no matter what the status of your Internet connection is.

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Manage Your Audio Content Easily

Login to with your computer or smartphone to choose the Internet content you want to automatically take with you in the car and listen to on your stereo system.

This free, web-based service enables you to create a user profile so you can easily manage your content from any web browser or the Android Automatica App.

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